Sunday, February 8, 2009


The Body Shop, 1 nama yang amat tersohor bagi produk -produk skincare, perfume dan healthcare. FYI, The Body Shop ni is the second largest cosmetic franchaise in the world. 
Originated by Anna Roddick and her husband by combining some natural ingrideints from their backyard back in '70s. Hmmm.. rite now, their second in the world. What makes me love them, their made of natural elements, less chemical and smells very good. And they support world without polution, with their paper bag. SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAG.

ZESTINI, this is the main event. My current perfume bought last month. Its women's, but I dont care, as long as its smells good on me. Hahahahahaa... Zestini is a mouth-watering citrus delight, so juicy and zesty it smells of freshly squeezed lemons!

Fragrance personality: Juicy and zesty, this mouth-watering citrus delight smells of freshly squeezed lemons. Combine with another scent or wear alone.

Family: citrus

Notes:Top notes: lemon, grapefruit, sweet and bitter orange, cassis, peach, leafy accord

Middle notes: freesia, peony, jasmine

Base notes: musk, tonka, teak wood, sandalwood

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