Monday, February 9, 2009


TWILIGHT!!!! WOW... cerita yang sgt dahsyat! Mmg cerita ni dah lame dah, nak buat mcm mana aku baru dapat tgk. Disember last year lagi dah released. Tapi x de chance nak tgk, yang aku dapat download ni pon bukan DVDRIP punye version. Tapi dah lame duk idam kan, download jgk laa gamba wayang pon. 

Mmg movie of the year la bagi aku cerita ni. Satu yang aku suke pasal cerita ni, of course laa actress n actor die. Edward mantap, and Isabella sangat sweet. Aku dah suke die ni dari cerita Jumper lagi dah. She's very comfortable with his character, it like she lives every single day the way she act. I just love it!!! She is brave, standard laa kan watak heroin akn mcm tu dlm cerita2 mcm nih, curious, try to work alone finding solution, facing all the posibilities alone, in the same time to take care of the love one, her parents la. Generally, her character alive in all sense.

Plot cerita ni berkembang dgn baik. Ade byk suprise from the producer. Action2 yang ade nice jgk, becouse it is not an action pack movie, so bagi aku... action2 dah cukup utk menaik kan soul cerita nih. Aku tak laa suke sgt cerita2 vampire ni, tapi yang kali ni... memang betol2 best!!! Aku tgk muvi ni kat ofis kot tadi. hahahaha.... 

Edward plays the role very well, his eyes do the talking more than his mouth. The way his eyes hug and kiss Bella is wonderful and fantastic. Trying to talk in the sense of an actor laa kan, haha... becouse I also have tried to use this eye technique once in my play. It was very hard!!! Thousand times Iv tried, but i can say it almost there, but not 100%. Edward shows his deepest sincerity in his eyes. woww... that just amazing to act like that. His love is true, protective and pure.

About the Cullens, they incridible. Carlisle is wonderful character, controlling the situation very well. Be a very good father figure in that small society they live. The other family members is nice as well, except Rosalie... just add some spice into the family. If not, that family gonna be absolutely boring. 

Then, the sequel of this still in production, NEW MOON. wow, Transformers release March, Harry Potter, x sure and then New Moon. Best2 tu movie tahun nih... 

Bile laa dvdrip ni nak release nih... adess, x puas maa tgk!!!

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