Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thank You

thank you Allah...
give me chance to have my 22nd birthday,
have mercy on me,
lead me to the right path,
show me the different,
between right and wrong.

thank you mok n bak,
loving me,
teaching me,
guiding me,
always be my backbone,
never me out alone.

thank you bro n sis,
advise me, 
coaching me, 
give me money sometime, =p
i'll give very little back.

thank you mates,
who only wished,
who wished plus give present,
who sang to me last nite,
even tho it just one line, hehe.. sori ain~ =p
who mailed me to wish,
who posted somewhere,
who i remind, 
then baru lah they wished for me,
and for every one.

last but not least,

keep taking care of ur pinjaman body,
which none of those belong to u,
which part u own??
ur hand??
ur face??
ur leg??
u just borrow them from Allah,
take good care of them,
dun hurt them, 
"some tools are just irreplaceble"
(mcm kenal je phrase ni...)
thank you myself!!!

be 22..
no more 21...
age older, 
think further,
see wider,
feel deeper,
grow stronger,
be humbler,
thank you!!!

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