Monday, January 10, 2011

Review: 172 Hours

Well, its 1301 hrs. Just finished the movie. Wanna write about it while it is fresh. But hey... DO NOT READ THIS IF U HAVEN"T SEEN THIS MOVIE. I dont wanna be the one who ruin ur day, hehehe... but if u choose to continue reading, its up to U. ok, deal...

Rating for this movie, I give 7.8/10. It is quite good. this movie is based on true event. and is thats the real Aron Ralston. The music by AR Rahman which is brilliant. A song where there a small party going on in the truck is awesome. gonna google for that song real soon. it'll be great workout song !! the story i solely about Aron Rolston. i'm not sure what he's doing for living, probably a store keeper with one of his friend, cant recall his name. 

for me, Aron is one person who takes things lightly. he is not that arrogant, maybe a little bit, but not that arrogant. he's kinda take tings for granted. he takes his mom lightly, his gf more so. and the other thing, the safety of himself!!! never ever get half-handed when it comes to safety. some might say, bad luck always gonna be there even you are all well prepared, yeah thats true. but, we might have better chance if we are all well prepared than not. so does Aron, he not seriously looking for his swiss army knife kit before he went for that trip. just bringing his 'China-made' kit which is he said was crap. he might not wrong becouse he might think he just going to the familiar place, he mentions to the girls that Blue Canyon is his 2nd home, that's how he found that place comfortable and regular to him. 

the whole things about keeping your spirit and soul with in! never lose hope even when u see there is no more other chance. the WILL to survive and keep breathing is greater than anything else in the whole world. time goes ultimately slow when u are alone and hopeless. everything must come down to you like that is te time for ur punishment in the world. all the bad things that u've did come haunting you. all the sweet memory come to enlighten your day come short and wont last long. 

one things good about Aron is he has some knowledge about the land and how to use the gear optimally. that always not easy keeping ur nerves while its wrecking inside figure out what the hell can be done to cut loose. but he still thinking the way it should be when he trying to set the pulley and the harness to support his body all night long. a thing that not easy to do, while ur adrenaline pumping inside and think rationally at the same exact moment. 

the premonition about having all the buddies in his life coming just to him struggle to survive. the dream about the flash flood might given me a chance to think that he survive just well. but, it was just a dream, maybe a sweet one for that time. i couldn't imagine what would i do if i was the one be in that hole. my God. thats terrible experience. but yeah, experience is something that u never bought with money, it is best to be bought with ur own sweat and tears. it gave u much more meaning to your whole life. never easy facing that terrible situation ALONE!!! gosh... thats horrify~ just remember, there must be great story behind the hazel eyes of an extraordinary people!!

i think thats all about the whole story for my angle. i like to list down some advice before taking any trip.

- never goes on trip alone!!! no matter how perfect u are~
- never turn down ur parents call. 
- make a full preparation when going into isolated land, food, fire, knife kit, mirror, rope and the most essential. WATER !!!
- 100% having fun, 110% aware~
- when stuck like that in that deep hole alone, i dont think there will be better solution, pray to GOD and cut your hand loose. 
- as long as you can breath in oxigen into your lung, there is always hope to be suck in to your life !!

"Hope is the last thing ever lost." Italian Saying 

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