Monday, June 1, 2009

Red Reding Redang

Can i describe it with words??? 
erm let me guess
i think 2000 words might enuf to describe it
aa aaa nope, it won't...
should plus more words
ok... ermmm how 'bout millions???
sounds good....
still wont be!!!
can i ??? i doubt myself....
extreme happiness
extraordinary fun
miles away craziness
those words aint enough
like i said (Edward Cullen's line in Twilight)

boat driven by
time passes by
memoriess faded by???
of course not!!!

fun with dick and jane
fun with fi and li
fun with pi and yu
fun with poh and zi
fun with mie and na
fun with pokli and aunty
too tired to list us all

one crazy thing
its not one ok~
a lots of crazieeeeee thangssss we've done
some really crazzieee
never been thought of doing

lets begin the carziness:
(i'll rate the craziness in the bracket)

board maritim boat for holiday??? (3/10)
wacth penyu bertelur at Redang (3/10)
Man U lost to Barca [ AHAHAHAHA lol ] (9.9/10) -Im lovin' it-
A.G set under the sun for 3 days constantly (4/10)
snorkelling completely around an island (8/10) -extreme condition- exhausted level 9/9.5
pok li act as penyu naik ke darat??? (8/10)
Fii???? who the hell is Fii?? Majistret?? Lawyer?? or Astro Dealer?? (8.7/10)
i' m being succesful swimming instructor??? haha (5/10) 

i just cannot find another fantastic words
really dont
a pic will do
coz 'em are a poem without words

Snapping the beautiful beach anyway

Those are called island

Zilla, Sarah, Me, Kiena, Fii, Ustaz

Can I fly???

Can he jump???

Is that a real turtle??? YES it is....

Can u see the csrytal???

Redang Mutiara at it's best...

In my grip...

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