Saturday, June 13, 2009

Drag Me to Hell

Drag me to hell... sounds not that intresting for anyone of us. Shuuuhhhhh... go and gone!!! Pray to God it will not be happen. God's Will. American, a very free soil, they do enything they want... and we Malaysian, watched anything they sent us. haha.

Its a ghost story... long time not watching this sort of story line. Not really into me. haha... not really wanna think about this kind of creature that much. The last movie of this kind i watched was The Exorcist of Emily Rose with Melia, its a long long long time ago. 

The story was quite ok... somehow funny. Sound effects was cool, acting ok... with Justin Long on scene. Yaa... this story somehow related to religion. Just watched and dont try to do it. Seriusly forbidden. 

What I really like about this movie is... the twist that the script offer. It's not a dull ordinary happy ending that we always be served with. A little of ordinary track... one of the road not ussually taken by producer. Thumbs up!!! I dun think I would love this movie if the ending be the other way arround. 

Rating for this movie... 7.4/10. It's cool but not suite my taste in the best way. Anyway, this movie somehow make the cinema cleaner got extra works to do, when much of the popcorn was drop on the floor as the are shock and unintentionally the popcorn really pop from the paper box. hahaha...

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