Thursday, June 4, 2009

He Just Not That Into You

A very nice movie. Romantic, Love, Humor, Desperation, Sadness, Loyalty, Trust, all kind of elements combined extraordianarily fine in the way that its should really be. 

All the stars glimpse in thier own special way of enlighten the character very mush. Ben Afllect, Jen Aniston, Drew, Jen Conoly, Justin Long... owwhhh, exceptional. I really love this kinda story line which related to our life directly or unintentionally which we all might get or mght not really get into it. With special apperance of one of my faveret actress, Julian Moore doing the minicure... adding my loving rate for this movie. 

Im so lucky to have this kinda movie own my bed lying than having this movie on cinema. which my lead to emberassed my self when people gonna see Im sheding a tears at the end of this movie. What can i say... i kinda person that easily touched by that kinda situation. The part i touched the most is when Neil proposing Beth to get married after more than 7 years being together. Put on the ring box in the cargo pants pocket and ask her to look into one of those pocket before dumped the pants into the washing machine. (of course we cant do that rite being together without legal relation right....) But the point that attracted my attention is.... the way of Neil trying to make and fulflling the happiness of her partner to live in marriege. Relationship is not only the understanding between two... but much more further than completing each other. Can't have it writte down... have to experienced it! haha

Rating for the movie... 8.9/10.

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