Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pemusnah Diselamatkan

One of the this weekend movie. Had a very packed weekend with movie actually this week. haha... what can i do. I really into movies. Some might dun think its fun, but for me... it does. 

Some of my POV 'bout this movie. I rather said this latest sequel kinda of track from the last three version of this kind. The effect, CGI was abnormally awesome. The story line not that very intresting though. It's like an impossible situation for a real life.. but hey, its a movie anyway. Dont be too realistic 'bout that. U can made something out of that aite. 

2018... i dun think the time will suit the condition. Very poor American it that is about to happen. Our nation not yet fullfil our vision 2020... haha. And US already been destroyed. haha... poor them. 

Chritian Bale... I'm not a big fan of him anyway. Dun really like the way he acts... hehe. If John Connor character is given to Hugh Jackman, my faveret Hollywood actor, it will be thousand time awesome. hahaha. or maybe the role is given to Timothy Olyphant. Not a very popular guy in silver screen, but he really nailed it when he do the Agent 47 in Hitman, he's Thomas Gabriel in Die Hard 4.0 anyway for those who not watched Hitman. 

Rating for this movie... 7.8/10. Not really into it~ but action-packed still. 

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