Monday, April 13, 2009

Suami Terkebetulan

The Accidental Husband. a romantic- comedy muvie staring Uma Thurman, as Dr. Emma Lyiod a.k.a Dr. Real Love and Colin Firth as Patrick Thomas Sulivan. 

I love the begining of this story. The kick start is so damn simple and i didn't even expect that was the main and biggest turn over of the story board. But it is. So simple. Starting with a single phone call made by a girl said his fiance at that time, Sofia, who just have second thought for her realtionship which gonna end up married in forth night. After a few line with Dr. Love on air, she just blopppp. It's over between those two. Marrige no more. 

patrick who accidently tuned to that radio channel, clearly heard every single words said by both caller and Dr. Love. Frustrated by the moved by his fiance and Dr.Love, who suggest to called off the wed, he went a little bit crazy to set Dr. Love is married to him by a little help from a glitcher who can went thru the marrige registry. 

Just to return the favor to Dr. Love intentionally, who called off the wed but unintentionally accross the feelings border between two of them. Dr. Love just found out something that her fiance do not have. FUN, a simple three letter words but means more than this entire world! would anybody agree with me?? hehe...

So, the unintentionally realtion goes on with some up and down... like every other romantic story. biasa la kan ... nak di jadikan cerita.

But, the ending for me is intersting. Calling on the groom with a fire alarm as Patrick dutied in FDNY. Her fiance back off and gives way to Patrick to have Dr. Love. Not very many things involve but the meaning and the feeling of sadness, love, and sacrifice is every whare in the air.

When we love somebody, doesn't mean that we have to have that person... maybe to make that person happy and been loved is much more satisfying and pleasing to us than that person deserve when they are with us. 

Rating for the film, 3.87 out of 5 stars. 

Must watch movie for me, got some crystal clear water drop on my cheeks when it come to the ending part. Very sweet~ 

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