Saturday, April 11, 2009

Air Bau

Koleksi koleksi eau de toillete yang aku pakai sekarang... the latest one Oceanus ni la... women punye, tp... who cares~ haha.. as long aku suke. aku pakai. selesai.

Oceanus by Body Shop = 99% left, baru sembur 2 3 kali jek...

Zestiny by Body Shop jugak = 80% left.

Black Leather by Avon, given by my sister = 95% left, jarang pakai... ade kat rumah.

Pure by Dunhill = 49% left, love the scent so much!

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren = 30% left, used when out to sport. Refreshing very very very.

Blue by Avon = 5% left. Smell so good always used after bath.

Silver Mountain Water by Creed = 5%, very rare... ain't it? very lite and cool sensation on skin. Love it.

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