Sunday, April 19, 2009

Penjara Pecah

Hmmmm... I thought that was the last episode. But, everything is unpredictable in PB. Here comes 17th episode of season 4. Still full of suprise... nothing is the same. Evolving the plot every single second in this series. Never been satisfied watching sumthing like this before. 

Just wanna post some of the great actors and actresses to make this whole entire series a huge bomb. 

Name: Micheal Scofield
Profession: Structural Engineer from Illinois
prison breaker... haha
Girlfriend: Dr. Sara Tancredi

Scofield is wanted by the company becouse he is 
a genius like his mother, Christina. Drag himself into conflict to 
take out Linc from the Pen.

Name: Dr. Sara Tancredi
Profession: Fox River Sick Bay doctor
Boyfriend: Micheal Scofield

She accidentally involved in this very complicated conflict 
once she fallen for Scofield who just hope she did 
a single mistake to forget to lock the door knob when she 
left the night they escaping.

Name: Lincoln Burrows
Profession: Un-employed
Micheal's brother
Girlfriend: Sofia 

He was set to send him to Fox River State Pen to drag his brother
to involve in the conflict.

Name: Fernando Sucre
Profession: Unknown
Girlfriend: Marie Cruz

He is Micheal's cellie back in Fox River who plan and work 
togather day and night to escape the Pen. He was sentenced 
due to his act of robbing a groceries to buy a ring for his girl.

Name: Alexandre Mahone
Profession: FBI Agent
Wife: Pamela 
Son: Late Cameron

FBI agent who was hunt Micheal than turn into allies once
the situation become unpredictable.

Name: Theodore Bagwell a.k.a T-Bag
Profession: Rapist
Wife: None

A very dynamic character in this series who always jump
into fortunate events eventho he is not
very fortunate actually.

Name: Brad Bellick
Profession: Fox River captain
Wife/ GF: None

Started as a very hateful personal, but ending as a very huge 
impact and feels the most of it.

Name: Gretchen Morgan
Profession: Company Agent
BF: General Krantz

Just in for 2 seasons, but have a very big role to 
make the story mush more intresting. Died in 16th ep i season 4.

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