Monday, March 30, 2009


To know who we really are, always look back to the history.  

OK, talking 'bout history, once during the time of Avecinna, a.k.a Ibn Sinna, 9 PhD. in different field, AlKhawarizmi, the Math Guru and etc. People from the west by hook or by crook learn Arabic cause they need to have the knowledge from the Arabs world. Arabs at that time is the most intelligent most intelect creature on earth. they invents thousands of things, they have a new finding every single minute of the sun. West world were so eager to know everything new that Arabs has discover.  

And the West can hardly wait to have the knowledge that Arabs have. Like it or not, hard or tough, they need to learn Arabic, or else they will not have the knowledge very immediately, and they hardly wait the stuff is translated into English. So, by understanding Arabs themselves... they turning into one huge power since that day. Copycat every single dot and letter from the original transcript and claim its their discovery.  

So, there they are now.  

Rational from that history: (i'm not a history teller =p) We lag behind the technology. Rite now, we are learning and having the technology the that already have West have 2 years ago. 5 years after this, we gonna have the tech that had been used in West 10 years before. 10 years after this, we are 20 years behind in tech and science.  

hope that my point of views is understandable by all. its not my intention to say that Malay lang is not suit, I love Bahasa Melayu, i love writing poems and script in Malays. They are really beauty. I'm not saying that Bahasa cannot be forward in the science and tech, like German, France, Japan does... but we are just a little too late to do so. 

How we wanna present our latest really finding in Malay if there was already the same report of finding 4 years ago in English.  

I know some of us might take my POV in a pinch of salt, but that the reality in the real world. We can go nowhere without English. Just bear with it, even u living miles into the jungle, down into the sea... but when u surface, u need some knowledge on tech and science, u might need English by ur side.  

I am a Malay not because of the language I use when thinking or dreaming. I am Malay because ethnically, lingually, culturally and religiously I am a Malay and I regard Malaysia as my homeland.

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