Wednesday, March 4, 2009

People from March

Hmm... its March already, we walk in the year 2009 2 months already. Do we realize now the clock is ticking fast, or the world that spinning faster. which one make the bigger impact? haha..

March, I dun think that I have to much plan in mind so far. As I concer, the trip to Kenyir Lake by mid of this month should be on. Else, i'm not sure. Just planning on my budget, how much can I save this month to reach my goal. Let them talk about not enuf money every where the went, just listen and smile deep in ur heart. U dun have to say the words that they said regularly. 

Being stingy is not same with saving money. Money is not forever frens, the more U earn the more U spent. Sprent them wisely, U'll never knows the money in ur pocket belongs to whom, might be for the doctor, might be for the feul, or it u just leftbehind somewhere ur thick wallet full of money anywhere on earth that u could even remember it with tiny little head. what a shame. 

The best way to make sure what inside ur pocket is 100% yours,put them out in some donation can, or hand it to some makcik/ nenek those bagging at pasar malam, sent them thru SMSes to any fund, lots of `em rite now, Gaza fund, Bersamamu fund, banyak la kalau nk cerita. So, dun afraid u losing money in this way. Its not lose anything but u gain many things. Something that never be seen realistically but eventually. 

Thousand things u can afford to use the money the way that it should be. Before u handed "ur money' to other party, lets Ur moms and dad taste the sweets of their child's money. Not much, but meaningful. They spent millions for the rest of ur life. If they refuse to spent any penny on U, starting the very day u were start to sing  the song that no one knows what the h*** its mean at the hospital without opens ur eyes yet, they will have 3 Ferrari ENZO reverse parked at their yards. But they never do that, lucky. 

March March March.... here comes the third month. Prepare to be better than in February. or at very least... equal to what have u done in February.   

So, like before... some expresion from Datuk Dr. Hj. Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah for these people. 

Berpersonaliti yg menarik dan menawan serta mudah didampingi. Sgt pemalu dan pemendam rasa. Sgt baik secara semulajadi, jujur pemurah dan mudah simpati. Sgt sensitif pd perkataan yg dituturkan dan alam persekitaran. Suka pada kedamaian. Sgt peka kepada orang lain. Sesuai dgn kerjaya yg memberi khidmat kepada org lain. Tidak cepat marah dan sangat amanah. Tahu balas budi dan tahu kenang budi. Pemerhatian dan penilaian yg sangat tajam. Kecenderungan utk berdendam jika tidak dikawal. Suka berangan - angan. Suka melancong. Sgt manja dan suka diberi perhatian yg sangat tinggi. Kelam kabut dalam memilih pasangan. Suka dgn hiasan rumahtangga. Punya bakat seni dalalm bidang muzik. Kecenderungan kepada benda yang istimewa dan baik. Jgn terlalu moody. 

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