Saturday, March 7, 2009

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye, cerita ni x igt release bila... tapi tahun lepas la. Aku baru je dapat tgk, baru download. Cerita yang sgt menarik bagi aku. Cerita penuh hi-tech in US Defense system. 

Mula2 die release tu actually mmg aku nk tgk kat cinema, x de can laa kan. Cerita ni started with a command of a very huge inteligent programming and data base system called Aria based at the 36th floor under the Pentagon. This so called huge system is a very analytical Secretary of Defense personal assistant or excutioner. It has access to control everthing in US starting from ATM, to the crane, as well as MQ9, the reaper.

This system is firstly is very dependable, until one day Mr. President command an attack on the wrong person. The starting for this film is an attack on Muslim on a funeral. Actually, its a bit harsh to be take into account. What on earth would u send a missile during the funeral. Are u nuts!!!

But the story evolve into amazing plot. The system try to make order itself to take down the whole cabinet leading by the President that give a wrong order. Aria, the system pissed off. It planning something huge for American nation. Spare the SecDef to appoint him to become the next President. 

Shia Lebaouf, the Transformers guy plays two roles in this film. Twin, Ethan and Jerry. His brother, Ethan is minuteman to monitor Aria, but suddenly he order to shutdown an operation to take down the cabinet. Starting from that, Aria pissed with Ethan and killed him by setting up the traffic light. 

So, to break down the order of Ethan, Jerry is required to unlock the order by voice and face biological key. 

Something that fishie in this movie is why Aria choose that women not the others since she's there just because she damn afraid that her son to be killed. Thats all, and why not another woman?? hmmm....

Rating from this film... 5 STAR!!!!

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