Saturday, February 5, 2011

Forgive but Don't Forget.

in life only one thing is certain
apart from death
and still inhaling the oxygen

no matter how hard you try
no matter how good your intentions are
you are going to make mistakes

you gonna hurt other people 
and you gonna get hurt
repeated over and over

and if you ever want to recover
there is really only one thing you can say
forgive and forget

thats what they say
its good advice
but its not very practical

Sandra Twine Diaz once said
"other people say, U better forgive and forget,
u know what, i don't forgive 
and i don't forget"
when someone hurts us
 we want to hurt them back
when someone wrongs us 
we want to be right

without forgiveness 
old scores are never settled
old wounds never heal

without a sip of memory
you'll not remember the wound
leave the scar a little bit for souvenir
forgive and letting them go
not a wise decision
absolutely not when it came from a same source

better forgive but don't forget
that'll keep your ears listen
and your eyes broaden

it'll will never be the same white clothe again
once stained
no bleach would make it stronger

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