Wednesday, February 9, 2011


An echo fades into the night,

indeed, an eerie mournful sound.
as the half moon brights in the dark ,
 I crumble to the soft bed.

Almost no mean within this 4 walls,
my sobs are not whine out loud,
 the honeyed fountain have been poisoned
where the tear of joy could be found.

Dazed, I stare at the blank sky,
my grieving howls fill the air!
Unintended betrayal of an acquittance,
has hidden you away from my sight.

I remember how it used to be,
when we shared our fears and delights.
You are an accomplished acquittance to me.
How can I make things right?

Feeling afraid, hate and cold,
I long to tell you how I treated,
but you don't give an ear,
The pain for you is just a salty pinch.

Should I back away and stand to face
and block away all the senses?
Or, should I give thousand of unattended-dial?
Healing will not seize within fortnight.

An echo fades into the night
as our acquaintanceship dissolved.
How do I know what is right?
How can I ease the fears you caused?

If it happen we face-to-face again,
I hope only for the better cause,
The necessity of tears not an issue no more, 
Hurting you is not within my reign!

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